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Elections - Preparing to Vote

This photo shows a person in a wheelchair going to vote and being faced with a flight of stairs. It is from the cover of a book by Michael Oliver, and portrays how people with disabilities can face barriers to enabling them to do the things that people without disabilities do without thinking.

We believe that one of the roles of those who provide support, is to support people in exercising their right to vote (or not to vote, whatever their choice may be).

At Manor Community we will be encouraging our support workers to provide people with unbiased information and ways to access that information to help them make their decision for the Metro Mayor Election on 4th May and the General Election on 8th June. We will provide transport, accessible information and organise support to enable people to make their vote on the day. We have encouraged people using and working in the organisation to proactively consider issues of accessibility and information and to suggest ways we can help. We will be sharing ideas as they come. 

23 April 2017