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Residential Care

image of social caregiver in residential home image of social care in residential care home of a man playing golfOur Care homes are regulated by the Care Quality Commission and are located within easy reach of local facilities including employment opportunities, parks, our allotments, activity centres, transport and leisure facilities.

We cater for adults from the age of 18 years with a Mental Health condition or a Learning Disability.

Is it for me? What will I get?

Our residential homes are homely settings, offering you:

  • An allotment/home grown vegetables and an opportunity to ‘grow your own’
  • Holidays abroad and in the UK
  • Day trips
  • Skills development and goal setting
  • Individual bedrooms
  • Easy access to local community and activities
  • Support to find friends, hobbies and socialise
  • Help with preparing your own meals, budgeting, tidying your living area and planning your day
  • Help with moving on to more independent living
  • Advisory and signposting services: informing you of the choices open to you and how to access housing, benefits and community facilities

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